Jewell Area Development Enterprise is a public entity that works for improving the business community and for public betterment.

Mission Statement.

To secure downtown Jewell as a premier destination and place to call home through innovative and strategic promotion, event and business planning, for the purpose of preserving the historic landscape of our downtown as well as sustaining a healthy economic stage for our community’s economic growth.

Vision Statement.

To cultivate a fully revitalized Downtown; one that incorporates walkability, cultural activity, recreation, rest, relaxation, and entertainment, while supporting a thriving business, restaurant, and retail environment which is essential in preserving our buildings and community.

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Jewell Firefighters
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We organize events to attract both residents and visitors to Jewell to help promote the Jewell economy.

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Shop Locally. It Makes a Difference.

Dollars spent in Jewell help our community prosper. We all need to be reminded about spending money at home for merchandise and services. Items may sometimes cost less in larger town, but think of the REAL PRICE: Longer travel time, frustration while trying to find your item, sales associates who don't know you or your needs, hassles or red tape when making returns, placing orders, or writing a check. Money spent in Jewell goes for wages, utilities, taxes, church support, school projects, donations to community organizations and events, plus much more! Money spent in Jewell circulates throughout the economy, assuring that city services are top notch, property values stay high, and opportunities for further growth are available.
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JADE Membership Application.

Please complete the online application below to become a JADE member. The membership fee is $150.00.
Alternatively, you may download the PDF application here.

Benefits of Being a JADE member.


    All JADE Businesses members are eligible to receive grants to help improve their businesses.

    Power Of One

    JADE Members help to support the local economy by supporting local businesses. Dollars spent in Jewell help our community prosper.

    Welcome Bags

    Jewell businesses are encouraged to participate in a Welcome Bag designed for new members of our community.

    Main Street Iowa

    JADE Business Members have access to resources, services and personnel from the Main Street Iowa program.