Soup / Stew / Chili Cook-Off Sign Up

Bring a slow cooker of your best soup, stew, or chili recipe to impress the judges. Prizes for the winner and people's choice.

To enter soup and chili contest, submit this form by December 6, 2019. We will email you more details about participation.

  • This is what your entry will be labeled at the event

Additional Details:

  • Bring your soup/stew/chili in a slow cooker or roaster and include a ladel or serving untensil
  • Bring any additional toppings you want to include
  • Drop your soup/stew/chili off at the Jewell Golf Club by 4:00pm on Saturday, December 14th.
  • Clearly label the bottom of your slow cooker and any other dishes or serving utensils you bring.